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Monthly Message

Stand in Your Place
By Amy M. Pooley

We are challenged with an important example in Judges 7:21: "And they stood every man in his place round about the camp." This seventh chapter reveals to us in a beautiful way the wisdom of God.

You will discover that Israel had sinned and therefore God allowed the Midianites to prevail against them. God's people had to flee to the mountains, hiding in dens, caves and strongholds.

The enemy (the Midianites) was bent on destroying the land, coming into the country as grasshoppers for
multitude. Israel became desperate and in their desperation cried out to God.

As always, God had a man for this hour. The man was Gideon. The Lord said, "Go in this thy might, and thou shall save Israel from the hand of the Midianites." His strength was in the assurance - "I have sent thee," and "Surely, I will be with thee."

Gideon gathered to himself an army, 32,000 in number. God says, "That's too many Gideon. Israel will take the credit to themselves for the victory. The glory will be Mine and Mine alone."

Remember now, they are preparing to go against a multitude. So, the army was put to the test. Those who were approved of God were only 300 in number. This is quite a comedown.

Gideon is supposed to face this great enemy with just 300 soldiers? Yes, this is what God says. This army of
Gideons had to be sorted out. Those who were fearful, God could not use. They would be a hindrance. Those who were not alert or prepared for battle every moment would not make good soldiers. They must go home. This was serious business. The best was needed.

Now they were ready. God's chosen men, to go forth to meet the enemy. Strange as it may seem, however, they had no weapons of warfare. Approaching the encampment of the Midianites Gideon divided the men into three companies and placed in their hands a trumpet, empty pitchers and lamps within the pitchers. This is being ready to meet the Midianites?

It would seem to us that they were not a well equipped army. Does God know what He is doing? Always! Just watch the strategy here.

Gideon divided the men into three groups so that they could better surround the enemy on all sides. Each group in their given position at the proper signal blew their trumpets, broke their pitchers and held up their lamps. How would all this commotion affect you in the dark of night, having been awakened from sound sleep?

Needless to say, it was all very effective. Gideon and his men had the upper hand. That night the battle was won.

Let's notice the text again, " ... every man in his place ... " What would have happened if these men insisted on standing together on one side of the camp? They could have thought this would have given them more strength. After ail, there were only 300 of them to fight against a multitude. What if some would have spent a good part of the night trying to get Gideon to put them in the group on the north side of the camp instead of the south side where they were appointed? Dawn would have crept up unawares and their effectiveness would have been gone.

It was as God had planned it to be-every man standing in his appointed place, every man doing as he had
been instructed, every man doing what he w
as instructed to do at the time appointed. This equals victory!

I will ask you again, "Did God know what He was doing?" Of course He did. He is the all-wise God.

We can be quite sure these men did not understand how they could win with so few soldiers, or how they could fight with trumpets, pitchers and lamps. But God knew all the time.

Having considered all this very carefully ask yourself this heart searching question, "Am I standing in a God
appointed place?"

The Lord says,

"Stand right here, my child."

"But Lord, these stones hurt my feet."

"Stand right here, my child."

"But Lord, I'd much rather stand over there."

"Stand right here, my child."

"But Lord, I don't get much sun in this spot."

"Stand right here, my child."

"But Lord, I'd much rather stand where my friend is standing."

"Stand right here, my child."

"But Lord, I'm sure I could do a better job somewhere else."

"Stand right here, my child."

"But Lord, I'm not seen too well here."

The Lord says,

"This does not make for victory."

The secret of victory for any child of God is being at the right place at the right time doing the right thing in the right way.

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